• What is the Accu-Chek Connect system?

    Wireless meter enabled by Bluetooth® technology makes patient logbooks automatic, reliable, and accurate

    Bolus calculator in the app – Activate the app’s clinically proven1 Accu-Chek Bolus Advisor to offer personalized insulin dosing to your patients who count carbohydrates or use assigned meal doses.

    Web access to patient data with detailed and visual chart views

    Who should use Accu-Chek Connect?

    Patients who:

    • Use insulin;
    • Are newly diagnosed;
    • Are transitioning therapy;
    • Are Missing therapeutic goals (hypo/hyperglycemic issues); or
    • Will benefit from keeping others updated on current blood sugar levels.

    Patients can follow simple, step-by-step instructions within the app and online portal to stay in charge of their diabetes therapy – and better connected to you.

    1 Ziegler R, Cavan DA, Cranston I, et al. Use of an insulin bolus advisor improves glycemic control in multiple daily insulin injection (MDI) therapy patients with suboptimal glycemic control: first results from the ABACUS trial. Diabetes Care. 2013; 36:3613-3619.