• What is your blood sugar trying to tell you?

    The more information you put in the portal, the more you and your healthcare professional can discover about what’s affecting your blood sugar.

    In the app, you can add or edit details to an existing blood sugar result by tapping that entry from the home screen. You can also add events and details separately from a blood sugar value. To start exploring the data you can record via the app, tap Add.

  • On the top part of the Add New Entry screen, tap any of the following to edit:

    1. Adjust time and date of the entry.*
    2. Manually enter or adjust Blood Glucose test results.*
    3. Select Event to associate the entry with a mealtime.
    4. Tap Meal Size to see ways to measure what you’re eating. If you use Meal Size, tap the field to the right to select a size. If you select Carbs or Calories, enter the amount in the field.

    *You cannot adjust time, date, and blood sugar values on entries received wirelessly from the meter.

  • Events not related to meals have important effects on your blood sugar. Scroll down to the middle of Add New Entry to record them:

    1. If you use insulin, add an entry for each injection that includes date, time, and the amount injected. Tap the field under Insulin to select an insulin type, and enter the amount.
    2. Log Exercise by selecting an activity, entering the Duration, and selecting Intensity.
    3. How you’re feeling can impact your blood sugar levels. Tap Select under Health State to log stressful times, illness, etc. by selecting an option. Tap the [+] to enter your own health events you’d like to log.
    4. It can be very beneficial to see how the factors of your diabetes therapy affect your Energy Level. Tap one of the levels to select.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the Add New Entry screen:

    1. Tap Medications to select an item, if desired. If there are other medications you’d like to track, you can add them by tapping the [+]. Type the name and tap Save. What you enter will now be available to select on any entry.
    2. Record Blood Pressure and Weight at the time of the entry.
    3. Use the [+] under Notes to add any other factors you’d like to track.
    4. Use the Picture functions to add visual reminders for yourself.
  • When you’re finished editing the entry, be sure to tap Save.

    The details you save in the app are uploaded to your online portal. (App data is sent if you have signed into your Accu-Chek Connect online portal account within the app – see instructions in the Online Portal section of Start My Meter.)

  • To see your entries in the portal, sign in, click Reports from the top menu, and select Diary.

    Thank you for choosing the Accu-Chek Connect system, designed to help keep you in control all day, every day!